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All the Amazing Social Media Reactions to the White/Gold/Blue/Black Dress Saga

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a dress that stopped the world today. People can’t figure out whether it’s blue and black, or white and gold, and the divided views have sent the world wide web into an absolute meltdown. People are stressing out, and, we’ll be honest, so are we.

If Kim Kardashian’s butt broke the internet, than we don’t even know what the little black/blue/white/gold dress is capable of. All we know is that people are going to bed tonight angry, confused and frustrated. Families are bickering, friends are fed up with one another, and boyfriends are destined for the couch. Cray.

As always, the reactions on the internet are hilarious, terrifying and outrageous. Ellen DeGeneres is suggesting this dress could start World War III. Memes are spreading like wildfire. Scroll through below to see our favourites.


Regina knows the truth #whiteandgold #blackandblue #dressgate2015 #dressgate @betches

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Yoooo this too #thedress #DressGate #SorryNotSorry

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Y’all need Jesus. Obviously it’s #whiteandgold

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It was a good run.

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#DressGate #scandal lol

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Bhahahahahahahaha #dressgate #whiteandgold #llamadrama

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#dressgate #blueandblack #whiteandgold #liarliar #icannotlie

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Hahaha the Internet kills me

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#drakeandjoshgowitheverything #dressgate

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#dressgate #dress #black #blue #gold #white #FuckMyLife FOLLOW ME

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Stupid ugly dress! #dressgate #teamidc

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