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Anna Wintour’s Career Advice: Get Fired

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Ever wonder how Anna Wintour got so successful? The editrix is doling out advice in a new book by Alastair Campbell called Winners: And How They Succeed and according to her, the key to success also includes what some of us may consider a major failure. Most of us would be absolutely horrified and depressed if we lost our job, but Wintour says it’s a necessary part of being successful. “I think everyone should get sacked at least once. It forces you to look at yourself,” she said. “It didn’t feel it at the time, but it was definitely a good thing for what it taught me. It is important to have setbacks, because that is the reality of life. Perfection doesn’t exist.”

If perfection doesn’t exist, then Wintour will have to answer for her impeccably-coiffed bob — a hair is never out of place. But in all seriousness, getting fired is a terrifying thing, but it does offer us a learning experience and an opportunity for growth. Still, that begs the question — what has Ms. Wintour done to get herself fired?

[via Stylist