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Robyn Lawley Reveals Her Baby’s Name And Gender

Yesterday Robyn Lawley announced that she had welcomed her first child into the world, but didn’t over-share about the joyous occasion. That was all completely understandable, but us die-hard Robyn fans were desperate to know the baby’s sex, name, eye colour, weight — literally anything.

Luckily, we’ve been handed some new info. It’s amazing. According to a statement on Robyn Lawley’s Facebook page, bub was actually born last Thursday, Feb 26, and, brace yourselves, is a little girl named Ripley. Too bloody cute. We can’t even.

 “CONGRATULATIONS! Robyn Lawley and Everest Schmidt welcomed the arrival of their new beautiful healthy baby girl Ripley on Thursday 26th Feb,” read part of the post. It continued, “The new family are doing great, everyone is healthy, happy and looking forward to spending quiet time with their precious new little human. Ripley is just the epitome of contented perfection, big big love guys XXX.”

Thank you Robyn, Everest and whoever is handling the model’s Facebook page at the moment. Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. So… eye colour?