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Dreams Really Do Come True: Jeremy Meeks Scores a Modeling Contract

It was love at first sight when the world first laid eyes on Jeremy Meeks (aka Prison Bae) in June. Meeks initially garnered Internet-wide attention after the Stockton, California Police Department posted his mugshot to Facebook.

Anyone with two eyes could see: The guy is hot. Like Givenchy campaign hot. As Internet memes of faux campaigns featuring Meeks began to pop up, the question was, how long until he scored the modeling contract he obviously deserves? How long would the world be deprived of that chiseled jawline and ice-blue eyes gazing down at us from billboards?

Folks, the day has finally come. Meeks is still in prison serving time for illegal possession of a firearm, but he’s just been signed to White Cross Management, a Los Angeles and New York City-based firm that manages models, musicians, actors, songwriters, hairstylists and more.

Meeks’ headshot, or rather mugshot because that’s what they used, is already up in the men’s talent section of the website. The 6-foot-1-inch hunk is listed as a model/actor, so we’re guessing that Meeks is also being shopped around for film roles. 

Meeks may be released early from prison in November, so let’s hope he stays on his best behavior because the runway is calling his name, and we are all hoping he will answer.

[h/t Telegraph