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Lacoste and the Hudson’s Bay Company Create Iconic Polo Shirts


You can’t call yourself a stylish Canadian without having at least one item—be that cozy point blanket, scarf or coat—in the Hudson’s Bay iconic stripe pattern. It’s practically the Breton stripe of the Great North. A part of Canada’s oldest style legacy.

Inspired by the upcoming tennis season and warmer temps, Lacoste has created a women’s and men’s HBC signature stripe polo shirt for the first time ever—taking the pattern we love into spring and summer attire (more than just umbrellas—finally).

Many brands have been leaning on heritage roots to give customers a better idea about the history behind their iconic brands (Chanel, Burberry to name two). Well-known apparel heavyweights, French, Canadian and otherwise, are continuing to keep their brands’ identity strong by partnering with an equally classic (and classy) name in style. What makes these sporty polos special isn’t just the nostalgic (and dare we say Canadian-chic) stripes, the fabric allows for breathability and real sportsmanship.

The stretch fit mini piqué for women ($110) and a regular, non-stretch fit petit-piqué for men ($125) are durable yet stylish enough to break a sweat in if you so choose—and yes, you can look forward to that classic Lacoste embroidered crocodile logo too. 

Such class, much style. Available this month!