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Was Justin Bieber’s Unretouched Men’s Health Cover Photoshopped?

Justin Bieber never passes up an opportunity to go shirtless, so we’re sure he was probably psyched to have another chance to show off his abs on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. Since the release of his equally shirtless Calvin Klein campaign, there has been lots of controversy surrounding the 21 year old’s midsection — and it once again reared its head when this cover image hit the Internet this week.

Here, we have Justin in his natural state (furrowed brow, no shirt), this time with his hands behind his head. A source tells Defamer that Justin’s body had been retouched for the shot, despite claims from Men’s Health that the singer’s image was not altered for the cover. A spokesperson for the magazine said, “I would say it is not photoshopped,” before following up with a firmer, “No, he looks amazing.”

But whether or not Justin was retouched, one thing’s for certain: He’s got a nice, flat tummy, which is more than we can say for ourselves. Keep up the good work, Biebs.

See Justin’s full, un-Photoshopped spread over at Men’s Health.

[via Defamer]