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Jared Leto’s Hair Is Short and Platinum Blonde Now

This week, we said farewell to Jared Leto‘s perfectly hommbréd locks as the actor traded in his glorious long tresses for a shorter cut. Sure. Fine. Whatever. We admit we were a little upset. After all, Jared’s hair in 2014 simply could not quit being perfect. But all good things must come to an end and if you love something, sometimes you gotta set it free. We were just coming to terms with his newly shorn look when we saw this:



A photo posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on

Jared. Leto. Is. Platinum. Blonde. We barely had any time to heal and now he hits us with this shocking change. It’s like kicking us in the ovaries when we already had menstrual cramps. Just unfair. Granted, Jared is a handsome fella and looks better than most living humans at his worst, but to go from perfection to this? It’s just jarring.

Needless to say, we’re still getting used to it. But short, long, platinum, hommbré or bearded, we still have love for Jared and everything he does.

Update: Even if it means watching him morph into The Joker before our eyes. 

[via @jaredleto]