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Jesinta Campbell Is Setting Everyone Straight on Her Bali Nine Execution Views

Jesinta Campbell in Dion Lee dress

Photo: Getty

Television presenter and model Jesinta Campbell spoke up about the Indonesian Bali nine execution on the Today Show yesterday morning, and divided the audience with what she had to say. Keyboard warriors were quick to get in a tizzy over her comments, but the pageant queen’s not shy of biting back and setting the record straight.

“It breaks your heart because you can’t help but feel about their families and they are two human beings at the end of the day,” the former Miss Universe contestant said on the Today Show panel.

“But like a lot of Australians believe as well, unfortunately Indonesia has these rules and if you break them these are the consequences,” she continued. “It’s so sad. I do not agree in the death penalty but that’s their law.”

The social media reactions have since piled in on Jesinta’s Instagram and Twitter alike, and the model, who is engaged to AFL star Buddy Franklin, hasn’t been afraid to stand up for herself.

User @erica_w commented on Jesinta’s latest Instagram photo of Buddy on the beach, saying that the model’s comment of “that’s the law” doesn’t mean the execution is “right or ok”. Jesinta clarified what she meant on the panel, replying, “@erica_w I agree with you. If you watch my full interview I never said it was right or ok.”

Jesinta is making sure no one’s misinterpreting her beliefs on the Twittersphere too.

But where there is hate there is love, and it seems like there’s more support than harassment for her in this scenario.

At the end of day, people are entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. And whether you agree with what Jesinta said or not, you’ve got to hand it to the girl for sticking up for herself and her beliefs throughout the situation. Besides, it seems like she didn’t mean what a lot of people think she means. It’s not easy being a celebrity, you know?