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What Last Season’s Bachelorettes Think of The Bachelor for 2015


The Bachelor for 2015 has been announced, and bachelor nation is going a little cuh-razy. His name is Sam Wood, he’s 34, and a successful entrepreneur from Melbourne. If one thing’s for sure, it’s that new bachie doesn’t look anything like the Cabbage Patch lovin’ Blake Garvey.

Considering there were women who had to put up with The Bachelor saga, and Blake, last season, we were pretty freakin’ interested to hear what they thought about Channel 10’s new bachie pick. See what they think of Mr Wood below.

Sam Frost at Fashion Palette 2015 Spring 2015 show

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“Sam Wood looks exactly like what I had imagined they’d choose for this season of the Bach,” 2014 winner Sam Frost told theFashionSpot. “Every woman loves a guy who loves children! So the girls will no doubt be frothing. It’s going to be so fun to watch. Let’s hope he has more personality than… well, you know.”

Zoe O'Brien at CLEO Bachelor of the year 2014

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“I looked at him, and my boyfriend is also named Sam and he looks very similar to him!” Zoe O’Brien told us. “If he had’ve been the Bachelor last season he might’ve been in a bit of trouble, but lucky I’ve got my own Sam. I don’t know his personality at all, so can’t go on that. Similar looks to my Sam, but I’m happy with my own Sam.

Lisa Hyde at Fashion Palette

Photo: Belinda Rolland/Fashion Palette

“What an upgrade from the last bachelor, he seems really genuine and honest,” Lisa told theFashionSpot. “Let’s just hope he is a bit more decisive and true to all the ladies. I wish Sam Wood all the best and hope he is on the right path to finding love.”


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“OMG the new bachie is 1000 times better than Blake,” Diana Dinu told theFashionSpot. “He is seriously my type of guy! I’m actually super jealous of the girls this year! I want to come back as an intruder!”

As for The Bachelor himself, well, hopefully he’s keen to upstage Blake. It shouldn’t be too hard a task. “Being the Bachelor is a real privilege and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I plan on embracing the experience with an open mind, while wearing my heart on my sleeve,” Sam said.

“I hope to find a woman with whom I share a sense of fun, an undeniable chemistry and a mutual respect. Ultimately I’m searching for the love of my life. I’m going to throw myself into the adventure and I’m prepared to have the absolute time of my life.”

As long as he doesn’t propose and change his mind before the finale airs, everyone should be just fine.