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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Are Working on a Mobile App

The Kardashian-Jenners can’t stop, won’t stop making money and thrusting themselves ever further into a public eye that seems to never tire of seeing them. The youngest members of the reality clan are taking a page out of their older sister Kim’s book by creating a mobile game.

The pair announced their latest venture via Twitter this morning, but offered no other details about the game. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (which is really fun, y’all) has a lot of characters reminiscent of IRL celebrities (like photographer “Marcel Tesiano” and an Anna Wintour-like figure named Elizabeth Korkov), so we wonder if this particular game will also mirror the Jenners’ lives. After all, their day-to-day exploits are what make them money and keep them famous. Should we expect to make friends with a buzzy model named Lara Shay-Levine or have the option of carrying on a questionable relationship with a rapper in his mid-20s name Liger in the game? Art Imitates life, as they say.