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Belle Gibson’s The Whole Pantry App and Book Pulled from Stores

The Whole Pantry

Photo: The Whole Pantry

Top-rated food app The Whole Pantry is swirling in one very downward spiral amidst concerns that its founder, Melbourne’s Belle Gibson, falsely claimed to have cancer and hasn’t handed over money promised to go to charity.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the app has been pulled from Apple’s Australian and U.S. app stores, and that the 26-year-old’s publisher, Penguin, is pulling her debut cookbook, The Whole Pantry, from circulation in Australia. U.S. publisher Atria Books is also claiming to scrap next month’s book launch and cancel existing orders.

A version of The Whole Pantry app is still available for Android users through the Google Play store, and it is unknown as to whether it will be a default app on the forthcoming Apple Watch as planned.

The news comes after Gibson said she may have been misdiagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the story which helped build her empire of nutritional healing. Reports also say that Gibson failed to hand over one-third of proceeds, from the 300,000-plus sales of the app at $3.79 a pop, to charity.

Gibson has disabled The Whole Pantry’s Facebook page and cleared the company’s and her private Instagram account after a whirlwind of negative comments.

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