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Cindy Crawford & Amal Clooney are BFFs, According to Crawford’s Husband

Amal Clooney Cindy Crawford

Images: WENN; Photo illustration: Jihan Forbes

Amal Clooney is now a member of the Hollyweird elite whether she likes it or not, and it looks like she’s been making some famous friends along the way. According to Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s hunky husband, Ms. Clooney and his wife have become the prettiest and smartest pair of BFFs in the world. 

Mr. Gerber himself is quite good friends with George Clooney, and attended the couple’s wedding back in September as one of the best men. Amal and Ms. Crawford have also become pals themselves as a result. “They are very compatible: both strong, intelligent, committed women,” Gerber told the Evening Standard. The two famous couples also vacation together in two houses on one property in Mexico. 

We bet those in-pool chicken fights between the couples must be epic.

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