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Kate Upton Is SO Over Social Media

Kate Upton Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Image: WENN

Kate Upton, whose career started to blow up after a video of her doing a version of the dougie at an LA Clippers game in 2011 went viral, is now so over social media. Like, really, really over it. The model covers the latest issue of Net-A-Porter’s The Edit and expresses her exhaustion with the very medium that helped make her famous in the first place.

“I feel like social media at this point is kind of b******t,” she tells the magazine. “At the beginning, it was amazing and a lot of fun. It was like, ‘Cool, I can talk to my fans!’ And now I think that we’re losing the art of it.” And what, pray tell, is the art of social media according to Ms. Upton? Authenticity. “When I joined Twitter it was just me, but [when] you’ve got contracts, it’s so planned,” she explains. “Now it’s about who has the best marketing, not who has a really good personality.”

Upton seems to have a point. These days, a single tweet from someone with the right amount of followers can translate to big bucks for the tweeter, and tons of exposure for the brand. It was reported in 2012 that Kim Kardashian was paid $10,000 for tweets endorsing Shoedazzle. We imagine the price tag for her tweets has only gone up since. 

Upton’s attitudes on social media aren’t at all helped by trolling culture, either. “The internet can be horrible, so I just don’t look at it anymore.” She says. “But maybe a little hate is good for me. Because if I’m in a spot where everyone loves me, I won’t try as hard.”  

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