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Kate Upton Is Starring in a New Movie with Lea Michele and William H. Macy

Kate Upton The Layover

Image: WENN

Like many of her model sistren, Kate Upton has Hollywood dreams and they have once again become a reality. The busty model and Bobbi Brown ambassador has scored herself another acting role, in the upcoming comedy The Layover, a film about two girls who go on vacation and fall in love with the same guy. Lea Michele is also in the movie, directed by Shameless star William H. Macy. 

In 2014, the model starred in director Nick Cassavetes’ comedy The Other Woman, alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, playing on the old “blonde bimbo” trope. Hopefully Upton will be able to demonstrate a bit more range in her new role.

Michele and Upton have been tweeting about the film, which Macy will also star in. “We’ve already started rehearsals and have been having the best time!!! This is going to be a fun one,” Michele tweeted. Upton showed her enthusiasm for the project, saying, “Never thought I’d be looking forward to a layover! I can’t wait!”

[h/t Deadline]