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Madonna Joins Jay Z and Other Artists to Promote Tidal — and Shows Off Her Unique Signing Technique

Madonna Tidal

Image: Getty

You would think with all the years of fame and notoriety she’s amassed, Madonna would have outgrown her attention-seeking ways, but this is Madonna we’re talking about. The singer showed up for Jay Z‘s press conference to promote his streaming music platform Tidal and, of course, the affair wasn’t complete without Madonna’s antics. 

Tidal is an artist-owned music platform that already-rich music stars are supporting in hopes that you will eschew your $9.99 Spotify account to pay up to double that to stream CD-quality music from Taylor Swift and others. Whether or not Tidal will be the game-changer Jay Z is hoping for remains to be seen, but if the music platform is beating its competitors in anything, it’s in awkward press conferences made more awkward by Madonna’s compulsion to be ~different~.

As Madonna signed the #TIDALforALL declaration during the event, she lifted her leg up and mounted the table because…well, because she’s Madonna and the rules of propriety don’t apply to her. 

It was a weird move, but we would expect no less from the material girl.

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