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Famed Dermatologist Dr. Brandt Passes Away at 65

Dr. Frederic Brandt

Image: Getty

Sad news today in the world of skincare as dermatologist to the stars Dr. Fredric Brandt passed away this weekend at age 65 after fighting an unnamed illness, which some sources say was depression. The doctor is the man behind the smooth faces of Madonna and Stephanie Seymour, to name a few. Few details on his death are available at this time, but the doctor was reportedly found in his Coconut Grove, Florida home.

Brandt, who often tested skin treatments on himself, is noted as an early supporter of Botox and has championed fillers in lieu of going under the knife in order to get that youthful look. His own ageless face was a testament to his work and his extremely successful  dermatological practices located in New York and Florida. He also released his own extensive line of skincare products, which includes his Needles No More wrinkle relaxer.

Brandt’s name recently cropped up in pop culture after a plastic surgeon character in the new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtplayed by Martin Short, was said to have born a strong likeness to the doctor. Sources say Brandt was none too pleased with the representation, which admittedly looked almost exactly like Brandt himself. 

A year ago, Brandt told The New York Times that his goal with his patients was “to keep people working and feeling vital and good about themselves.” No doubt he managed to pass this on to his clientele.

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