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Edward Snowden Says the Government Can Totally See Your Dick Pics

If you’re the type who likes to send naughty pictures via email and text message, you might want to think twice the next time you take a racy snap. Because according to Edward Snowden, the government can totally see all those dick pics you’ve been sending.

Snowden unveiled in 2013 that the NSA had been using its resources to essentially spy on American citizens, tracking their phone calls and internet use. Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver went to Russia to talk to Mr. Snowden, who is currently living there under asylum. The conversation turned to allegations that NSA was passing around nude photos of some of the accounts they were spying on. “This is something that it’s not actually seen as a big deal in the culture of the NSA, because you see naked pictures all the time,” Snowden said. 

Oliver mentioned during the interview that while a lot of people he polled weren’t 100% sure about who Edward Snowden actually is and why he’s in trouble with the government, pretty much everyone could agree that the government being able to peek at their dick pics is definitely not OK. 

Snowden maintains while there is no specifically named “dick pic” program in the government, unfortunately, your naked photos are still being collected by the government. Snowden then goes on to outline which NSA programs have the capabilities of collecting such material. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.

Watch the interview above and find out just how much of your naughty bits the government is able to see. 

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