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Kate Upton Didn’t Know Terry Richardson Was Going to Post That Cat Daddy Video

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Not even a high-profile professional model like Kate Upton is safe from some of Terry Richardson’s creepiness

Back in 2012, fresh off that famous video of her doing the dougie at a basketball game, Terry Richardson tapped the model for a shoot, during which he recorded a behind-the-scenes video of Upton doing the Cat Daddy in nary but an extremely tiny bikini. The video itself got a lot of traction, but Upton was none too pleased at first about the video making the rounds. In fact, the model tells Vogue UK that she didn’t even think the clip would be released. 

In a move that seems so classically Richardson, the photographer posted the video without her knowing, which had Upton seeing red. The model reportedly confronted Richardson about it saying, “That was disrespectful, you could have told me!” But the clip garnered millions of views and actually wound up giving the model even more visibility. In the end, it worked out for her career.

At least Richardson’s questionable antics worked out for someone…

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