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American Apparel Taps Band of Outsiders’ Joseph Pickman to Lead Menswear

American Apparel Storefront

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American Apparel is looking to reinvent itself in its post-Dov Charney days, and is enlisting the help of Joseph Pickman to do it. The retailer just signed the former Band of Outsiders men’s design director to lead its menswear team into a new era.  

American Apparel’s menswear sector hasn’t been performing well and the brand is hoping that Pickman’s aesthetic will help get it back on track. According to WWD, Pickman plans to bring some of that Band of Outsiders vibe to the division. “We really, really work on the fit first — because the fit is what makes the customer feel good in the clothes — and then we look at fabrics,” Pickman explains. “What can we add to that assortment? Can we give them something a little more refined and still call it a basic?”

Now that Dov Charney’s officially out at the label, American Apparel has been steadily restructuring in order to make up for $300 million in losses over the past five years. Needless to say, we’ll be taking a closer look at the men’s section in American Apparel in the coming months. With Pickman on its team, American Apparel is sure to reestablish itself as an affordable, refined and cool label. 

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