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What About This Jacket Screams ‘Cholo’ to Laveer’s Designers?

Image: Shopbop

Image: Shopbop

We don’t know what it is about cholo culture that has so captured the fascination of the fashion set, but it’s clear that designers might be just a little bit obsessed. So much so that they’re willing to slap the name cholo on just about anything to make it sound cool. Case in point: this tailored jacket from Laveer. 

A description on Shopbop for the army green blazer with orange piping and a single button at the neck includes the words “Cholo Jacket,” which at first had us scratching our heads. What about a tailored blazer would make anyone think of a cholo as opposed to, we don’t know, a prep school student? And there it was, the answer, sitting right at the model’s clavicle: the lone button at the top of the jacket.

The quintessential cholo look – a shirt fastened at the collar, leaving the rest of the buttons unfettered and the shirt to billow out freely – must have been what inspired this name. But besides the single button at the top, there is nothing about this blazer that particularly screams cholo to us. The jacket gives us more of an “Auntie’s trying out a new silhouette” vibe than a chola one. 

But hey, if you’re going to reach when it comes to a product description, might as well reach for the stars.

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