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Kendall Jenner Gets Hacked, the Kardashians Have Their Own No Parking Signs

Kardashian Jenners

Image: WENN

Kendall Jenner was in for a huge surprise last night when she found out her Twitter was hacked by a pair of pranksters. @ThyClerk and @fuckcynical took to the reality star cum model’s social media account to post a series of offensive tweets, which accused Kendall of being bulimic, made fun of her father’s rumored sex change and offered a rather nasty comment insinuating that Kendall and Justin Bieber were sleeping with each other. 

The users responsible for the hack have had their accounts suspended, and for good reason. The tweets were quite malicious, sexist and simply not funny — it was as if they were written by teenage boys rather than someone with a more sophisticated sense of humor. 

But Kendall isn’t the only member of the reality TV clan that is being targeted. Out in Hollywood, artist Plastic Jesus has made and put up seven signs around the area reading “No Kardashian Parking Any Time.” The signs aren’t a statement against the Kardashians, Plastic Jesus says — they’re simply a comment on how the family has become so famous that everything they do, no matter how mundane or uninteresting, is a news headline. 

The artist said he got the idea as he was driving on Melrose Avenue and found himself in traffic due to a swarm of paparazzi following one of the Kardashians as they shopped. “We’ve allowed mainstream media to become so profit-driven, we are sacrificing genuine news stories to satiate our vapid celebrity obsessions,” he said. “I guarantee that same number of paparazzi was far greater than any number of photographers chasing real news.”

He does have a point. The Kardashians are big moneymakers for the media because people are so fascinated by every aspect of their lives. But hey, this is America! If the Kardashians aren’t there to distract us, we may have to confront actual problems like climate change and rampant police brutality against American citizens. Who wants to do that when we can instead discuss Kylie Jenner’s lip liner game?

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