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Dove Wants Women to Own Their Beauty in Latest Campaign

Dove’s latest in female empowerment-focused campaign encourages women to own the fact that they’re beautiful. The beauty brand has launched a campaign that challenges women to confront the way they percieve themselves. At buildings in San Francisco, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and London, Dove put the words “Beautiful” and “Average” above the entrances to see which door women would choose to walk through. 

Dove interviewed some of the women to find out why they decided to walk though the doors they chose. Naturally, a significant amount of women picked the “average” door, a few pointing to the fact that they didn’t think the word “beautiful” describes them. One women said she went through the average door because for her, beautiful seemed “too far away out of reach.”

Another woman wondered if she chose “average” based on what society tells her is beautiful, as opposed to her personal feelings about how she looks. A few women needed encouragement from family members and friends to go through the beautiful door.

Once again, Dove’s campaign gives us some insight into how women see themselves and how damaging society’s notions and norms can be on the psyche of the average woman. Dove hopes that this campaign will help women be more conscious about how they perceive themselves. “Beauty is a choice available to all of us every day. However, it’s a simple truth that women all over the world don’t feel able to see themselves as beautiful,” the brand says on its dedicated tumblr. “Mindfulness is a way of helping us all think more positively about ourselves by learning to appreciate our own unique beauty.”

[via Dove YouTube