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Laura Wells Wanted to Punch Scouters in the Face for Calling Her “Plus-Size”

Laura Wells

Photo: AWW

Laura Wells is one of Australia’s most successful models, and, as the industry currently stands, is considered “plus-size” at a healthy size 14. Yes, she’s now embracing the term, and even getting in social media wars about it, but there was a time where she was terribly offended by the controversial and confusing label.

In an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, Laura said that while she was in New York with her size-8 sister, Courtney Wells, she “wanted to punch everyone in the face” for asking if she was a plus-size model. “Basically I just thought they were calling me fat,” she explained of the scouting agents. “I didn’t know what a plus-size model was, I didn’t know they existed,” she continued.

She went on to explain that while the fashion industry is moving in the right direction and turning to plus-size models for editorials and campaigns more often, people are still reacting in a way they shouldn’t be. “It needs to be at a point where it’s not celebrated anymore,” Laura explained in the interview. “Why isn’t it just seen as normal?”

Fair point, Laura.

[Via AWW]