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Karl Lagerfeld Thinks Women Are Better Dressed These Days

Karl Lagerfeld is a man who is not afraid to tell people what he thinks. So when he doles out a compliment, you know he means it. And women all over the world, prepare to feel good about yourselves because the Kaiser thinks you look great. Lagerfeld sat down with the Globe and Mail to discuss style, social media and the changing rules of fashion and revealed some relatively surprising views on women’s fashion choices.

Jeanne Baker asked the Chanel designer what he thinks about the way women look today and Lagerfeld’s response was actually quite positive. “The average woman looks 100 times better than 30 years ago,” Lagerfeld said. Part of the reason why he thinks the ladies have stepped it up over the past decades is because of how photo-heavy our society has become thanks to the advent of social media. “We live in a world of images, so [women] are more image-concerned than they were in the past,” he said. “In the past, there was a mirror but now, you have your cell phone, you have all that.”

Of course, no interview with Karl would be complete without a bit of cut-and-dry frankness. “We live in a world of images. You don’t want to put out the ugliest image ever.” Uncle Karl, never change.

Watch the designer in the clip above. 

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