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Justin Bieber Allegedly Kicked Out of Coachella

Justin Bieber

Image: WENN

Denying Justin Bieber access to something he wants is tantamount to telling a tantrum-prone 3-year-old no. According to TMZ, Justin was thrown out of Coachella on Sunday night after security guards refused to grant him passage to the exclusive artist’s entrance so he could watch Drake perform in peace, without being overrun by a crowd full of drugged-up plebes. 

Justin allegedly pleaded with security to escort him to his rightful place in the artist’s entrance until finally, someone came to grant him the access he craved. Unfortunately, security was still bent on keeping Justin out, saying the area was at capacity. A security guard put him in a choke hold, which led to an argument and eventually Justin being booted from Coachella — although the petulant pop singer’s people say it was their choice to leave.

It seems anywhere Justin goes, trouble follows. Between this and his several public scuffles, including his throwdown with Orlando Bloom last year, maybe the guy needs a weekend spa trip or a new set of friends. Or, most likely, an attitude adjustment.

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