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Anna Kendrick Is Writing a Book, Faces John Krasinski in Epic Lip Sync Battle

Anna Kendrick will soon be adding the title “author” to her list of accolades now that the actress has announced that she is writing a book, due out next fall. The tome will be a collection of essays about her life, which we wager will be fascinating…and judging by her statement, cripplingly self-deprecating. “Because I get uncomfortable when people have high expectations, I’d like to use this opportunity to showcase my ineptitude, pettiness, and the frequency with which I embarrass myself.” What great qualities to highlight! “And while many of my female inspirations who have become authors are incredibly well-educated and accomplished comedy writers, I’m very, very funny on Twitter, according to BuzzFeed and my mom, so I feel like this is a great idea. Quick question: are run-on sentences still frowned upon? Wait, is ending a sentence with a preposition still frowned upon? I mean, upon frowned? Dammit!”

While Kendrick is figuring out how to put two sentences under 140 characters together, she took some time out to make an appearance on last night’s Lip Sync Battle, in which she went head to head with John Krasinski. Krasinski started the show with a rendition of NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye,” complete with the original marionette choreography and trademark head mic. It was rousing indeed, but Kendrick clapped back with her own version of One Direction’s “Steal My Girl,” in which she used images of Emily Blunt, Krasinski’s wife, to illustrate the girl every guy seems to want. She even wore a T-shirt featuring her and Blunt’s faces surrounded by a heart. Hilarious. Krasinski upped the stakes with Ike & Tina’s “Proud Mary,” for which he dressed like Tina Turner in her famed silver fringe-hemmed dress. But not even the sparkly frock was enough to beat out Kendrick, who performed J.Lo’s “Booty” track… with Ms. Lopez herself joined Kendrick during the big finish. Both parties put up a good fight, but in the end, Kendrick took home the coveted Lip Sync Battle belt, proving that a nice butt will always come out on top.

Watch Kendrick and Krasinski duke it out in the videos above.

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