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Link Buzz: Balenciaga Site Glitch Marks Down Bags as Low as $200, Kendall Jenner Lands a Fendi Campaign

Balenciaga bag

Image: Imaxtree

  • Someone is putting up “No Catcalling” signs all over New York and Philadelphia. [The Independent]
  • A glitch on the Balenciaga website discounted a few of the label’s usually $2,000 bags down to $200 to $400. Shoppers were obviously happy, but the folks at Balenciaga probably weren’t too thrilled. [Page Six]
  • Laid off American Apparel workers are suing the company. [The Business of Fashion]
  • Can’t stop, won’t stop: Kendall Jenner landed herself a Fendi campaign. [Grazia]
  • SJP is back! The actress will appear in a new HBO series Divorce. [USA Today]
  • Decades founder Cameron Silver has a fancy new job he won’t tell us much about. [The Hollywood Reporter]