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Watch: Rose Byrne’s Amazing Kookaburra Impression on Jimmy Fallon

Rose Byrne on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

We never need another reason to love Rose Byrne, but her latest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week has, quite simply, astounded us in the best way possible.

The home-grown actress was talking about a time she took her boyfriend, Bobby Cannavale, to her parents’ place in Tasmania, when they heard the bird call of the native Australian kookaburra in the morning. “It makes a really interesting sound,” she explained to Jimmy, before giving it her all with an epic 6-second kookaburra call.

All Australians know it’s not a pretty sound, and to go ahead and mimic the creature in front of the world is a courageous move. “It really does sound like that,” she clarified, trying to tone down the audience and Jimmy who were left in hysterical laughter. “I’m not making it up. It’s even louder than that. It’s a really crazy sound.”

Watch it for yourself below. Trust us, it’s worth your time.