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Kate Moss Is Planning to Sell Homemade Jam at Glastonbury

Kate Moss Fur Vest

Image: WENN

Die-hard rock fans and Kanye West haters might still be upset that the rapper will be playing a major stage at the Glastonbury Festival, but hopefully some sweet treats from a pretty face will help ease the pain of having to sit through what will most likely be a dope performance anyway. 

Kate Moss will be selling homemade jam during the Glastonbury festivities with the help of daughter Lila Grace, who will be on hand to help mom push the delicious product. According to the Mirror, Kate Moss’ jam-making skills are heavy in these streets. Apparently, she’s been whipping up preserves for her friends for a while, so she’s had plenty of practice in the jam department.

Since Kate Moss is already wealthy, it wouldn’t make sense for her to pocket the profits, which is why proceeds from her jam sales will go to charity. After all, nothing is sweeter than shopping for a good cause. 

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