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The Apple Watch Sport Is Apparently Not Scratch-Proof

If you ordered yourself an Apple Watch Sport, you might want to treat it with a little TLC now that reports are coming out that it might not be as durable a device as you think. It turns out the least expensive iteration of the Apple Watch has a bit of a cosmetic issue that could prove to be really annoying when you’re looking at your watch face to see if it’s time for you to get up and walk around after spending hours on the couch in the throes of a Netflix binge.

Apparently, the Apple Watch Sport’s screen doesn’t have the same sapphire coating as the more expensive versions and is prone to getting scratched. The face of the sporty smartwatch is made from Ion-X glass and is supposed be impervious to scratching, but turns out it actually scratches a lot more easily than it should.

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy tested the Apple Watch Sport screen against different materials. The watch face was left unscathed when it was scratched with a key and a knife, but once they used sandpaper on it: scratch city. 

We don’t think most people will attempt to sand down their Apple Watches, but if you are going to purchase one, you might want to watch out for brick walls and other scratchy surfaces. 

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