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Karl Lagerfeld Is Super Proud of His Apple Watch

Karl Lagerfeld red carpet

Image: WENN

Karl Lagerfeld is pretty much the fashion world’s collective cool uncle (or, for some of us, great-uncle), who always seems to have better stuff than you. Already, Kaiser Karl is the proud owner of a supremely exclusive Apple Watch, a version boasting a gold link chain that only he and Beyoncé own. And much like your hip uncle, Lagerfeld will not let you forget what a tech-savvy VIP he is. At the Condé Nast International Luxury Conference, Lagerfeld, of course, had to remind everyone of the exclusivity of his new toy. “How digital am I?” he boasted. “I have the first [Apple Watch] with Beyoncé.” Making us all insanely jealous that right now he has more in common with Beyoncé than we do. 

In addition to his snazzy new wearable, Lagerfeld also touched on his opinion of the anti-fur set. Judging by Fendi’s fur-heavy designs and forthcoming fur-focused couture show, Uncle Karl is obviously very, very into his pelts. And you’d better not say a word against ’em. “I am against dialogue against furs. Do those people eat meat?” he wondered. “To be against it is easy. But who will pay for the unemployment of people losing their jobs if you don’t have to propose anything else? In some countries, hunting is the only means of survival.”

Won’t these fur activists think of the hunters? Or better yet, all the freezing rich people in places like Aspen who might not have a colored Fendi fur jacket to cozy up in while they’re on vacation? It’s just heartless.

[via WWD