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Customers Boycott Bonds for Using Iggy Azalea in New Campaign


Breaking (internet) news: Introducing the new fancy face of Bonds… Iggy Azalea! She’s an Aussie girl, a global…

Posted by BONDS on Saturday, 25 April 2015

Australian underwear brand Bonds has tapped another home-grown talent to celebrate its 100th year, looking to none other than Iggy Azalea as an ambassador for its latest campaign. The news was announced over the weekend via Iggy’s and Bonds’ social media platforms, but the decision seems to be dividing the internet.

“As a great role model for women and a long-time fan of Bonds, who grew up wearing Bonds hoodies and undies, Iggy’s down-to-earth attitude makes her the perfect fit for Bonds,” the company wrote to its blog.

But not everyone feels the same way. In fact, some angry Bonds customers on Facebook are threatening to boycott the company altogether.

“I thought Bonds were classier than that….I’ll never buy your product again,” user Martin Murdoch claimed. Kye Sakellariou is also unimpressed. “WOW i bought some tanks just today, I’ll be returning them for a refund now that I know you give her money. gross,” he wrote. Terri Lee also added her two cents, saying, “She has destroyed bonds name for me.”

It’s not all bad, though. It never is. Instagram user model_actress_honey feels like Iggy’s body shape in the perfect pick for Bonds. “You should more girls looking like her .. She is a real shape woman and beautiful with having to be super skinny! young girls should be inspired by her body x [sic].” Instagram user Kaylanechole agreed, saying, “She is perfect, great choice!!”, while user marrrrria wrote, “Yay!!! Adore Iggy”.

Iggy joins the likes of Miranda Kerr, Elyse Taylor and Kelly Gale as a face of the BONDS100 campaign. Iggy might not have walked a Victoria’s Secret runway, but she definitely makes Bonds’ selection a little more diverse with her different profession, body shape, tattoos and overall style. But the questions remains: is she really the right fit for the household name? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.