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John Galliano to Speak at a Jewish Fashion Event

John Galliano Naomi Campbell

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A lot has changed in the past few years for John Galliano, who was shunned by much of the fashion industry after that infamous rant outside a Parisian café in which the then-Dior designer drunkenly spewed anti-Semitic remarks. Since being fired from his post at Dior, Galliano did a stint in rehab and what can be described as an apology/redemption tour. Galliano seems to have atoned for his sins, but it looks like he’s not quite done yet. 

The Margiela creative director will be the keynote speaker at Connect, a series of talks aimed at the Jewish community. Galliano will discuss Jewish culture and fashion at the Central Synagogue London on May 28 on the same bill as fellow speakers Maureen Kendler of the London School of Jewish Studies and Rabbi Sam Taylor from the Western Marble Arch Synagogue.

It’s clear the designer has come a long way from that fateful evening in 2011 and though his words were deplorable, it is good to see that he is changing and is trying to make up for his past errors. Clearly, Galliano has learned a lot since he was booted from Dior and this move is a complete 360 from the man we saw outside that café. If anything, his involvement in the program is proof that people have the remarkable ability to change – and to forgive.

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