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Bruce Jenner Threatens to Sue over Dress Pic, Larry Wilmore Fails Epically at Discussing Trans Issues

Bruce Jenner

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This weekend, Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer to come out as a transgendered woman. But just before the big interview aired, the New York Daily News published an image taken by a stealthy paparazzo outside Jenner’s secluded Malibu pad. The image shows Jenner smoking a cigarette outside in a long, striped maxi dress. Though we can all agree Bruce looked pretty great in the frock, we can also agree that it was a total invasion of privacy and given the sketchy lengths at which the paparazzo went to get the picture, it’s no wonder Jenner is threatening to sue.

The images were reportedly taken with a telephoto lens, which allows one to zoom in on a subject from a long distance. Apparently, the paparazzo snapped the photo of Bruce from as far as a mile away, making the picture even creepier than we thought. Also, it’s illegal in the state of California to use a telephoto lens to take photos of people in a “personal or familial activity.”

CNN and the Daily News obtained the photos from X17, but pulled them once they realized the image was illegally taken. According to Jenner’s attorney, “Bruce Jenner is going to enforce his right to privacy.” 

Meanwhile, as the world grapples with the news of Jenner’s transition, we think we’ve found the worst media reaction, courtesy of The Nightly Show. Larry Wilmore spent much of his introductory monologue expressing his complete confusion over whether or not Jenner is male, female, gay, straight or asexual. Though Jenner clearly outlined how he identifies (as a woman, not gay but for now asexual), the concept was still lost on Wilmore who then went on to a cute little segment in which Pinocchio, played by Colin Quinn, talks about the troubles he’s faced transitioning from a puppet to a “real boy.” Because that is totally equivalent to transgender people overcoming adversity to live their lives as they choose. 

The entire segment was cringe-worthy to say the least, and the Twitterati were none too pleased with Wilmore and Quinn:

But given the reaction, we can probably expect Wilmore to do the right thing and issue an apology.

[via Page Six