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Iggy Azalea Doesn’t Want You to Be “Ashamed” of Making Changes to Your Body

Iggy Azalea

Photo: WENN

Iggy Azalea, who flaunts her assets as the new face of Bonds, doesn’t want you to be “ashamed” of physical alterations if it makes you feel better about yourself. Considering she admitted to a boob job earlier this year, her point-of-view makes perfect sense. And now she’s spreading the body-modification love.

Speaking to WHO magazine (via Daily Mail Australia), Iggy said she’s supportive of people who make changes to their body to boost self-confidence. “I don’t want to surgery-shame or Botox-shame women,” she told the publication.

“It’s that balance of being confident with who you are, but also if you do want to change something, if you want to dye your hair or if you want to get breast implants and that makes you happy, I don’t think you should be ashamed.”

She also understands how her role in the spotlight can affect a person’s self esteem if they don’t feel like they quite measure up. “It’s important people see celebrities, or see me as well, go to the beach and have cellulite and know it, like ‘I’m cool, I’m OK with that and I still feel confident’,” she added.

Earlier this year Iggy left her Twitter in the hands of her management after her cellulite became the centre of attention in the online world. “Just got back from a great vacation, came online and saw apparently it’s shocking and unheard of to be a woman and have cellulite. Lol,” she wrote. “I feel the hatred and pettiness I see online at all times is at making me become an angry person and I cannot be that. To become nasty because of the way I feel I am treated would be a disservice to my fans and I promise iI will try to keep smiling.”

She’s clearly come out the other side feeling more confident than ever, embracing every feature her bangin’ bod has to offer and spreading the love. If this is what some time away from social media can do for a person’s self esteem, sign us up!

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