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Kim Kardashian Says Bruce Jenner Had Better Find a Different Glam Squad

Bruce Jenner

Image: WENN

Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer last week that out of all the members of the Kardashian clan, Kim has been by far the most supportive about his transition. Kim chatted with the Today show earlier this week and said that her family still has meetings together to discuss and understand the changes in Bruce’s life, but even when Bruce reemerges as “her,” Kim says he’s got another thing coming if he thinks he’ll be poaching the talented group of people who contour her face and do her hair. 

In an interview with Grazia, Kim reiterated that she fully supports Bruce, but he’d better not take too much of a liking to her hair and makeup team. “I said to him the only thing you do, do not steal my glam team, they are mine, there’s too many girls in this family,” she dished. “I said whatever help you need you have to look and feel your best, if you need help with anything style-wise, glam wise, I’m here to help you.”

We’re pretty sure Bruce, who said his style was more Jenner than Kardashian, will be able to find a glam team to suit him perfectly fine.

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