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Carlsberg and Swimsuits for All Release Perfect Responses to Protein World ‘Beach Body’ Ads

Carlsberg beer body ready

Image: Carlsberg

The Protein World “beach body ready” ads have sufficiently pissed people off, and now some brands are combating the message by releasing campaigns of their own. Carlsberg has added their two cents to the debate with an ad campaign that asks: Are you ready to drink beers all summer long in very little clothing?

The beer company has released ads picturing a beer bottle in tiny yellow bikini bottoms, with the tagline, “Are you beer body ready?” which is clearly a play on the controversial Protein World “Are you beach body ready?” verbiage. Protein World has already acknowledged the ads with a tweet basically thanking them for the added publicity, reading “If @carlsberg are getting involved, you know you are #winning.” 

Carlsberg’s senior brand manager Dharmesh Rana described the lighthearted message behind the new campaign. “We’ve decided to remind the public at major commuter spots across London that it’s not about the way you look or having probably the best body this summer, it’s about enjoying a Carlsberg whether you’re on the beach or at your local.”

Swimsuits for All has also put out its own cheeky but incredibly sexy response to the campaign, tapping outspoken plus-size model Ashley Graham to pose in a bikini (that it looks like she’s putting on… or taking off) asking the question, “Are you ready for this beach body?”


There’s no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt!! #curvesinbikinis

A photo posted by A S H L E Y G R A H A M ™ (@theashleygraham) on

One look at those curves bangin’ out of control and our answer is: yes. We are absolutely ready.

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