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Mayhem Was Really Hands-on in Designing That Collection for J.Crew

We were thrilled when J.Crew announced it had tapped 5-year-old Mayhem, the social media sensation that along with her mom, creates miniature outfits out of paper, tape and other mundane household items, to design a range for their CrewCuts collection. But we couldn’t help but wonder how it would be for grown professionals to collaborate with a kid who is just old enough to be in kindergarten. 

According to the folks on the project, it worked out just fine. Mayhem’s mother Angie Keiser tells the Telegraph her daughter (then four) was very hands-on in the creative process. “‘Mayhem then put together her own design board, choosing colours and fabrics, and the rest of the playing and designing kept those colours in mind.” Crewcuts head designer Jenny Cooper says that Mayhem was very clear about her vision during the design process and expected to have to had to help the tiny designer a lot more as they put the collection together. 

But, since Mayhem is a kid, they did have to take into consideration that at times, she just needed to do little girl things. “Everyone knew and embraced that Mayhem was a little girl who liked having fun making stuff,” Mayhem’s mom said. “And when she got tired, it was totally OK that she took an impromptu nap in Jenny’s office.”

If only we adults were afforded such luxuries at our jobs.

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