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Hate Fitting Rooms? Halsbrook Now Lets You Try on Designer Brands at Home


image: Halsbrook

image: Halsbrook

Let’s get real: Nobody likes fitting rooms. They’re cramped, they smell like feet and have the harshest lighting known to man. So, what if we told you that you can skip all that rigamarole and order clothes to try on at home without actually being required to buy them? That’s what Halsbrook has in mind. The online luxury retailer is now offering a try-before-you-buy program called Halsbrook on Approval that lets customers explore high-priced designer goods from the comfort of their living room. 

“We believe lowering these barriers will make the online shopping experience even more relatable to our customers’ values and lifestyle,” said Halsbrook founder and CEO Halsey Schroeder in an official statement.

The new program is modeled after the exclusive service that many luxury department stores offer their VIP clientele. But the beauty of Halsbrook on Approval is that you don’t have to subscribe to anything or spend a certain amount of money. You just select up to three items you want to try on and a temporary credit card hold of $1 will be placed on each item. Once you receive the merchandise, you have up to five days to try everything on and return what doesn’t work. That’s it. No gimmicks or tricks. Can we get an amen?