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Johnny Weir’s Kentucky Derby Hat for the Win

Johnny Weir wearing a rose-covered and mint julep hat to the Kentucky Derby

Image: Getty

When most of us think of the Kentucky Derby, we picture horses, rose garlands, fascinating fascinators and mint juleps. Ice skater Johnny Weir managed to combine three out of the four on Saturday with his amazing race-day topper as he and Tara Lipinski covered the social highlights of the festive weekend. Johnny even affectionately named his eye-catching hat “To the victor, the spoils.” Kerin Rose Gold fashioned the masterpiece, constructing it over the course of a few days.

According to Yahoo! Beauty, Johnny and the designer began discussing the creation as far back as the Super Bowl. The dynamic duo were trying to channel the “giant blanket of red roses” awarded to the winner, explained Gold. It was Johnny who brought up the mint julep, and Gold thought it was the perfect accent to all those roses.

So, how did Gold craft that realistic-looking drink in a breakable tumbler glass? “I painted the inside of the glass so the ‘liquid’ is on an angle and filled the glass with fake ice cubes that I drained the re-freezable liquid out of,” Gold elaborated.

Johnny finished off the rest of his look with a gold patterned suit and a pair of golden embroidered black loafers. We actually feel kind of bad for Tara. Talk about coming in second…

[h/t Yahoo! Beauty]