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The CFDA and Covet Fashion Launch Styling Challenge Series

The CFDA is delving into the mobile world with the help of Covet Fashion, an app that allows you to dress up an avatar in different looks. The Council is teaming up with the mobile app, setting up a series of styling challenges for its 2.5 million users to participate in. The challenge will focus on up-and-coming CFDA labels, helping users get acquainted with some of the fresh talent American designers have to offer – and hopefully, moving product as a result. 

While we don’t have all the details as to which designer duds we might be seeing in the app, it’s clear that the CFDA is trying to take advantage of the mobile market, which could help them increase their visibility and promote the work of some of their members to a wide audience. Around 600,000 users log on to Covet a day spend at least an hour styling their avatars. It’s a great way to show that the CFDA is a forward-thinking organization whose members can engage with this generation of tech-obsessed shoppers. And not to mention, a good strategy to expose Covet’s users to young brands moving and shaking in the fashion world.

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