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Ryan Gosling Pays Tribute to Late Vine Star by Finally Eating His Cereal

Ryan Gosling

Image: WENN

Ryan Gosling is on Vine now, and it looks like he didn’t join just for the sole purpose of goofing around and blessing us with videos of his most perfect countenance. The actor used his first Vine as an opportunity to pay homage to Vine star Ryan McHenry, who passed away this weekend after a two-year-long battle with osteosarcoma. McHenry is the brain behind the hilarious “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme and Gosling himself took to Vine to offer a tribute to McHenry and his sense of humor.

In the Vine, we see Gosling pouring a bowl of cereal – and actually eating it. Gosling tweeted some kind words about McHenry to go along with the video. 

The meme McHenry created became so popular that Gosling actually started getting questions as to whether or not he likes cereal. Last month, Gosling (we’re assuming) jokingly tweeted to McHenry that he would never forgive him for the web phenomenon.


For the record, Ryan Gosling does love cereal (as he told the BBC) and as we can see here, is also a pretty stand-up guy. 

You can watch the memes that made McHenry famous below.

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