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Diane von Furstenberg on Balancing Work and Home Life as a Mother


Image: WENN

Diane von Furstenberg has built her career on understanding women and living her life as an example that it is possible to have an illustrious career and still maintain that home/work balance. Von Furstenberg once told Victoria Beckham she never felt guilty being a working mother and it is a philosophy and mentality that the designer has infused into the office culture. 

In an interview with Business of Fashion, DVF talks about how she accommodates working mothers at her business. “We have a flexible culture,” she said. “Some of the women who work for me are moms who have flexibility, so they might work from home on Fridays or come in and leave at different times based on their schedule.” Indeed, there are plenty of corporate environments that snub women due to their tendency to prioritize family commitments. As Forbes contributor Kathy Caprino writes, “Women are pushed aside regularly when they make their family priorities known or demand time off after having a child (and don’t kid yourself – this is a form discrimination to be sidelined for prioritizing time off for child bearing).” As a woman and a mother, DVF clearly understands the importance of having an enriching life in both the workplace and the home. While traditional corporate environments might marginalize women for their decision to be involved with their families, DVF allows women to work around it. 

But still, the designer says she let it be known to her children that her job was still an important aspect of her life. “Very early on, I explained it to them — they went to school, I went to work. We each had our own obligations, our responsibilities and when we met at night, we would exchange our experiences.”

[via BoF]