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Alex Perry Explains Why Kelly Osbourne Calls Him a ‘Dickhead’

Alex Perry Kelly Osbourne

Photos: WENN

We like to think of Alex Perry as sunglasses-head, but Kelly Osbourne has her own nickname for the esteemed Australian designer, “Dickhead.” Her words, not ours.

Tonight’s episode of Australia’s Next Top Model will see Alex and this week’s guest-judge Kelly go head-to-head during her big appearance on the judging panel. “She called me a dickhead,” Alex tells theFashionSpot. 

“I think she made you speechless,” the show’s host, Jennifer Hawkins, adds. “No, I just didn’t know what I could say back. And how dare you, you dreadful Brit,” Alex replies jokingly.

Even though Kelly doesn’t shy away from telling Alex what she thinks of him, Alex says the two “absolutely” get along. “We were just having a go,” he explains. “We’re kind of similar in personality in a sense.”

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