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WATCH: Anna Wintour Revealed as the Real Genius Behind ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ in This Hilarious Sketch

By now, we know that Anna Wintour has a huge influence on fashion, but did you know she is also equally as powerful as a comedy icon? Late Night with Seth Meyers tapped Ms. Wintour for a hilarious sketch, which imagines her wielding the same overlord-like power over the comedy show as she does over the fashion industry at large. As “executive producer” at Late Night, Anna is the real brains behind the operation, approving sketches, props and critiquing Meyers’ monologues — all with the ice-cold demeanor she’s known for.

“A lot of people don’t realize that along with being a fashion icon, Anna Wintour has been behind every major comedy decision in the last 40 years. Saturday Night Live was her idea. She directed Animal House. She told Jerry Seinfeld the show should be about nothing,” Meyers explains in the clip. And just as she (reportedly) intimidates her Vogue staff, the Late Night crew is equally shaken by her presence. “When we found out Anna Wintour was the executive producer of our show, all the writers started wearing tuxedos and ballgowns,” writer Seth Reiss says.

Anna’s demanding nature in the end causes Meyers to have a breakdown, reducing him to tears. “Stop crying, you’re a grown man,” she says as she walks by the blubbering host.

Yeah, the sketch is pretty hilarious. Watch it all in the video above. We promise you’ll be cracking up by the end of it.

[h/t WSJ]