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Adam Levine Gets Sugar Bombed While Signing Autographs

It’s hard out here for a celebrity, y’all. Adam Levine got more than he bargained for on a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. As the Maroon 5 frontman was casually signing autographs outside the studio, one “fan” with a penchant for obnoxious and disruptive behavior decided to sugar bomb the singer as he was tending to his devoted fans.

According to People, the suspect who allegedly carried out the attack was arrested “on suspicion of battery.” A witness to the dastardly crime said that “it looked like [Adam] wanted to fight the guy,” which we can all understand. After all, Levine was wearing a very nice patterned sweater (in Los Angeles) and who wants to pay that dry cleaning bill?

Don’t be too sad, Adam. A few years ago, Kim Kardashian was flour bombed by an animal rights activist, so you’re in good – or at least also famous – company. 

Watch Adam get covered in sugar in the clip above.

[via People]