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Crime London Designers in Legal Trouble After Vicious Attack

Kistermann Sisters

Image: @crimelondon

The Italian sisters behind the Crime London footwear brand find themselves in a bit of legal trouble following a violent confrontation with a neighbor over something as simple as a noise complaint. According to the New York Post, Lisa and Jessica Kistermann threw designer Robin Brouillette down some stairs last month and stomped her out after Brouillette complained about the noise coming from the apartment they were leasing from her. 

Brouillette is filing a civil suit that says the sisters “wildly and violently struck the plaintiff numerous times” and stomped on her. Brouillette had to use crutches due to the injuries (including a broken rib) she sustained. The Post says, “The Kistermanns were arrested the night of the incident and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct raps on Tuesday. They agreed to six days of community service in Italy and will also undergo 26 weeks of therapy.”

On the Crime London website, the Kistermann sisters describe their design aesthetic, which ironically parallels their behavior that fateful night. “We love contrasts and controversial combinations. One day you’re in the posh jet-set, the second after you’re exploring the grimy thugs life.” Guess the hip, posh world of downtown Manhattan wasn’t enough for the pair, who just had to dabble in a little thuggin’. And it looks like that excursion didn’t work out too well for them. In addition to their community service and therapy, Brouillette is also suing for damages. 

So much for “thugs life.” 

[via NYP