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Watch: Chris Hemsworth Flaunts His Assets for New ‘Vacation’ Trailer

Chris Hemsworth Vacation

Photo: Youtube

The remake of the 1983 Chevy Chase comedy National Lampoon’s Vacation is coming, with the red band trailer for the film, dubbed Vacation, now released. The film’s lineup is full of big names, but there’s none quite as exciting as Chris Hemsworth, who shows off a well-portioned package during the two-and-a-half-minute clip.

The film actually stars The Hangover‘s Ed Helms as Rusty Griswold, the son of Chevy’s character Clark from the original films, who decides to take his family on a road trip to Walley World amusement park now that he’s all grown up.

Australian heartthrob Chris plays Rusty’s brother-in-law Stone Crandall, who appears in just his jocks to make sure Rusty and his wife Debbie, played by Christina Applegate, are all set for the night. It’s during this time that much attention is drawn to his magnificence down under.

We’ve got to say, Chris parading around and showing off his well-defined assets has got to be our favourite part of this trailer. We don’t even care whether or not that junk is legit (let’s face it, it’s probably not). Check out the entire trailer for yourself below, or catch the film in Australia from August 20, 2015.