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Fans Rage at ‘Selfish’ Kim Kardashian for Deleting Photo of ANTM Hopeful

Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Izi Simundic won Kim Kardashian‘s fashion blogger challenge on last night’s episode of the show, and was told she would be “featured” on both Kim’s personal Instagram and the Kardashian Kollection’s Instagram as part of her prize.

But Kim has already removed the post from her personal Instagram less than 24 hours after the episode aired, and Izi’s fans aren’t impressed, taking to the social media platform to express their outrage and disbelief.

Plenty of Instagram users saw Kim post the winning shot of Izi to her Instagram account, which has over 30 millions followers, and took screenshots of the post to congratulate Izi on the coverage. Izi herself even joined in.


A photo posted by IZI SIMUNDIC (@izisimundic) on

Now, though, fans of Izi and the show are taking their comments to the Kardashian Kollection’s post, which is still up on Instagram. Some have labelled Kim “selfish”,  “unprofessional” and other, stronger terms, for deleting the photo from her personal Instagram.

User chels.randall was plain confused, asking, “Why did @kimkardashian delete this off her Instagram? She uploaded it then deleted it just a moment ago.”


“Can’t believe Kim deleted it. How many followers you reckon she’ll loose? She’s so selfish,” wrote matildacait.

@kimkardashian AS IF YOU DELETED YOUR PICTURE OF IZI,” char0ttemay16 added.

The comments are continuing to roll in. As for whether or not Kim will re-upload the photo, or if she actually broke any promises to Izi or the TV program, we’ll just have to wait and see. The picture is still on Kim’s Facebook page, which has 24 millions “likes”, so it’s not all bad.

TheFashionSpot has contacted Australia’s Next Top Model for comment.