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One Minute With … Fashion Photographer Victor Demarchelier

Victor Demarchelier At Yorkdale Mall

Image: Courtesy of Yorkdale Mall

Victor Demarchelier, aka the youngest son of legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier, touched down in Toronto last week in celebration of his recent work for Yorkdale Mall’s What’s Next Spring 2015 campaign. The campaign features fashion from some of Yorkdale’s premier retailers.

The New York-based photographer graduated from Vassar College where he studied economics and studio art, then he worked side-by-side with his famous father, learning the tricks of the trade firsthand and assisting on some of the most coveted fashion shoots in the world. We were lucky enough to have Victor give us an idea of what it’s like to be behind the camera, which includes flying to glamorous locations, working with some of the top faces and names in Hollywood and generally being on the speed dial of top publications and brands, such as H&M, Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Victoria’s Secret and Vogue France to list several. (We’re pretty jealous.)

theFashionSpot: What are some of your fond memories so far while shooting with your father, Patrick?

Victor Demarchelier: We had a lot of great moments together, we really got to bond on a lot of our travels when I first started. I don’t get to see him as much now due to our schedules, but it was definitely a great experience.

tFS: How does New York’s culture and energy inspire your work?

VD: New York is great, it’s full of energy and action, it’s constantly moving and changing. There is a great art scene. I love New York. People are always coming and going, and there’s always something new to discover.

tFS: Tell us how you get prepped for a shoot. What are some things you do to get ready that keep you energized and feeling great?

VD: I always start with a healthy breakfast, I am quite into smoothies and juices. If I can get in a little bike ride before a shoot that really gets me up. I try to prep as much as possible before any shoot.

tFS: What vacation spots are inspiring you at the moment?

VD: I am headed to Greece this summer, somewhere I have always wanted to go. I think it’s important to always visit new locations.

tFS: What makes a good picture in your opinion? What are the key things each of your photos has to have before you’re happy with the final product/work?

VD: I think there are a lot of different things that can make a picture great; emotion, energy, character, beauty…

tFS: Name the top three celebrities/models you’ve photographed. What made each really great?

VD: Some of my favorite celebrities were Scarlett J., Naomi Watts and Jennifer C. They were all extremely beautiful in person, great people and really inspiring. Each one is unique and brings something really different to the table, but all wonderful!